Conestoga Gig Lab

Canada's first and only business incubator for freelancers.

We help talented people monetize professional skills.

Freelancing is a business. Using proven methodologies for large-scale ventures, the Gig Lab has developed a start-up roadmap that is specifically tailored to address the business model nuances and needs of a freelance business entrepreneur. The program is designed to equip new and early-stage freelancers with the skills, mindsets and tools to monetize professional skills.

How it works.

1:1 coaching

Every freelance entrepreneur gets a dedicated Gig Coach, an experienced freelancer who provides structure, support and guidance every week.

15-week roadmap

The proven Gig Lab roadmap takes you from start to finish in 15 weeks and is customized for each entrepreneur to get the best possible results.

Real world results

With Gig Coaches at their side, entrepreneurs step into the wild to secure real business.

What you need to know.

Who is eligible?

  • Full-time and part-time Conestoga students in any year, in any program
  • Recent graduates of Conestoga
  • Alumni of Conestoga within five years of graduation

How do I apply?

Entrance into the Gig Lab requires the completion of an application form and interview. 

New Gig Lab cohorts start three times a year in the Fall, Winter and Spring.

The current application period is for the Fall 2021 cohort. 

Open to anyone

The Gig Lab is open to eligible applicants who plan to offer a service as a sole proprietor or has just begun to do so. Services can range from UI design to computer programming, graphic design, video editing, tutoring, digital marketing, and more. 

Gig work for companies like Uber, Skip the Dishes and DoorDash does not qualify for this program.

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We focus on incubating ideas and nurturing skills for a lifetime of entrepreneuring.

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