Hi there! We are Northern Devs.

At Northern Devs, we specialize in building MVPs and market ready prototypes to get businesses in front of their customers as quickly as possible in the most scalable way.
With over 17 years of combined experience in app development, proof of concept development, website development, UI/UX, SEO optimization, and project management, we help our clients cost-effectively advanced their business.
Whether you’re looking to engage your customers, streamline internal processes, or launch into a new exciting market, we’ll guide you through every stage of the development lifecycle from concept to deployment. Our process is simple:
1. Properly scope the requirements with you
2. Provide an accessible and seamless design using your brand guidelines
3. Development stage check-ins without the technical jargon
4. Ongoing support packages to fit your needs so you feel at ease as you iterate
Our goal is to ensure that your website or web app not only meets your expectations but exceeds them, delivering seamless performance across multiple platforms.

Our Work.

We produced a working high-fidelity prototype design of Stormflow's web app idea and developed the web app integrated with Outgrow so they could start onboarding users right away.
Northern Devs helped KWKLY take an idea and make a web app capable of proving their idea to the point where they could scale.
From the prototype design, graphic design, and copywriting to the development implementation with Webflow, PathtoCareer was provided with a brand-new website that speaks to it's target audience.
DLVR-e utilized Launchpad, our proprietary platform, to run their retail food delivery business.
Our partnership with Magnify Access revolved around the redesign of their website, focusing on UI/UX improvements, search engine optimization, and ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.
At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants were in a tough spot to reach their customers. Northern Devs produced a custom way for restaurants to upload their menu and take orders. This was done with the use of Launchpad, our eCommerce and service-fulfillment platform.

Our Expertise.

  • Website Development: Website or Web App, React, Angular, Vue
  • WordPress/WebFlow/CMS: WordPress, WebFlow, Shopify, Squarespace, Ghost, etc
  • SEO Preparation: Google ranking, layout setup, sitemap generation, page analysis, etc
  • Product Consultation / Part Time CTO: Product consultation, tech recommendations, project management, code base audit
  • Project Management: Providing a one-stop shop by helping manage resources needed to complete a full website rebrand (logo designs, digital content, copy, etc.)
  • Web App Development: React, Angular, Vue
  • Internal Tools (Analytics / Time Saving Tech):  Utility-first projects (automated notifications, database CRUD portals, custom analytic databases)
  • App Development: React Native, cross-platform, iOS & Google App Store Acceptance
  • MVP Development:  Tech for market fit analysis, Launchpad (a platform for product and service-based companies), Prototypes, custom MVP built on a dynamic codebase

Our Clients.


Our experience collaborating with the team at Northern Devs has been overwhelmingly positive. From their response time to their technical skills right through to their creativity, they are consummate professionals. It has been a pleasure to work with this team, and we look forward to reconnecting with them should we redesign our website in the future.

Keri Banka
Magnify Access

Northern Devs demonstrated remarkable expertise and professionalism in building our app, exceeding our expectations in every way. Thanks to Northern Devs, we now have a cutting-edge product that has greatly enhanced our SaaS company's offerings and delighted our customers.

Brigitta Ivanyi-Bitter (CEO)

Northern Devs quickly and easily used their tools to produce a product fit to test the market I had found with my lean canvas! After I proved the idea worked, I took it to the next level, and they were able to develop a full app for us!

Urim Aliu (CEO)
KWKLY Technologies

Northern Devs are great technical partners. They plan and manage everything while constantly communicating, especially at blockers, to find solutions. Would highly recommend them to any company.

Thiv Paramsothy (CEO)
Hera Fertility

Our Pricing.

Proof of Concept Development

Starting at $15 / Mo

What's included:

Our proof of concept (POC) web application development includes the front-end user interface (UI), such as a website or web app development without any dynamic content. This is to provide a high-fidelity visual aid of your final product. ‍

Best for Early-stage founders who need to conduct user testing to prove their business idea and market fit.

Website & App Developent

Starting at $105 / Hr

What's included:

Minimum $2,500 Contract.

We can either work within an existing framework/library or you can lean on our experience to select an appropriate library or framework that best suits your use case. Services Include:
  • Scoping
  • Design
  • Development
  • Copywriting – SEO
  • Optimization

Full Stack Development

Starting at $115 / Hr

What's included:

Minimum of $5,500 Contract.

Our minimum viable product (MVP) full stack development includes CTO consulting to scope all foundational requirements with a complete front end, database, server, and any other backend technology required. This is a complete full-stack solution for public deployment. ‍Best for: ‍Founders who have gained excellent user traction with their first website or web app and are ready to scale.

Technical Support or CTO Consulting

Starting at $105 / Hr

What's included:

Minimum 2 Hours per Month.

Technical Support Includes:
  • General system maintenance (Server updates, database checks, etc.)
  • Bug fixes (If an issue arises (something that wasn’t there originally) we will provide troubleshooting and a fix where possible.)
  • General technical support (Answer general support questions related to the system by email)*This is offered to current and past customers.

    CTO Consulting Includes:
  • Support and advice on your business from a tech startup perspective.
  • Insight into common pitfalls not seen by eager tech startups.
  • Code Audit (reviewing current code for technical debt, future scaling roadblocks/feedback, codebase structure, memory leaks, security concerns, support on technical calls with stakeholders, and more.)

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