Hi, I'm Prabhjot Singh

I can help with Digital Marketing and Website Development.

I can help you reach more potential clients and attract new customers through online marketing

Hello, my name is Prabhjot and I am a Digital Marketer!

I have seven years of experience helping clients scale their business and strengthen their online presence through Digital Marketing.

I use a wide range of tools like Google AdWords & Facebook Advertisement to attract & bring customers to the client’s website. Also, I provide web & process optimization solutions to improve user experience and retain customers.

What makes me unique is my experience in programming, UI/UX, marketing, and my ability to work with a wide range of Google tools. That gives me the opportunity to attack a problem from different angles.

For example – I built an online strategy for a Canadian Telescopic ladder manufacturer to launch its B2C business. Their Monthly revenue grew by 150% after the online store redesign. A 571% increase in revenue during the Dec-2020 campaign compared to the Dec-2019 campaign.

So, if you are looking to increase your brand visibility or a Paid social media campaign, do reach out to me. I would be more than happy to provide a solution for you.

My Work

Client Profile

We helped our client go from A -> B in X time in sales. We were able to grow their business by X % in this time.

My Expertise

  • CMS/Website Builder – WordPress, Shopify
  • Designing Tools – Photoshop, Illustration
  • Analytical Tools – Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Advertising Platforms – Google AdWords (PPC), Facebook Advertising
  • Ad Network – Google AdSense
  • Content Optimization – SEO (On-page, Off-page), Content Planning
  • Automation Tools – HubSpot, Zapier
  • CRM – HubSpot, Zoho
  • Email Marketing – Mail Chimp, HubSpot
  • Cloud Platform – Google Apps for Work, Office 365
  • Project Management Tools – Asana, Basecamp
  • Programming Languages – PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS
  • BI & Data Visualization – Google Data Studio, Power BI

My Clients

In our working together, he has never seemed to encounter a problem that he couldn’t solve. Growth mindset is a big tool in his professional repertoire and it helps him to tackle big problems at work with clarity of thought and long term vision

 Rakesh Balachandran


We count on his sound business understanding to provide innovative solutions. A great researcher, he will seek and employ solutions that address our clients’ needs on time and within budget. A great partner and a pleasure to work with

 Marios Matsias

Business Futurist


Website Design & Development

Starting From $2000

Digital Marketing

Starting From $600 / Month

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